Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Orville Wright Didn't Have A Pilot's License

Okay, so what does the fact that Orville Wright not having a pilot's license have to do with being a Maverick Dad?  Lots.  Just as building the first successful airplane in history and then learning to fly from scratch took courage, persistence, faith, passion, determination, focus, failure, etc., so learning to be a Maverick Dad will require these same qualities.  I know, I know, many times we feel like we've been handed a complex mathematical equation to figure out when we are English majors!  Being a dad is not for wimps, believe me.  You will feel inadequate, weak, tired, confused, stressed and frustrated at times.  There have been times in my life as a dad, when I felt like quitting.  But I would hang in there and right around the corner, God would faithfully encourage me and motivate me with something to keep on going.  Being a dad will require you to engage in areas that you feel totally unlicensed to handle.  Don't throw in the towel!  Ask God for wisdom, get counsel from successful dads, learn from your own mistakes, seek answers through prayer and the Scriptures, and most of all.......just show up everyday with your sleeves rolled up ready to get dirty again.  Happy Flying!


Johnny B.


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